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What we do at Dvorak Designs

At Dvorak Designs, we build and develop websites and blogs using the latest tools and web standards, built on either Modx or WordPress. We aim to make our products as easy to update and maintain as possible. That way anyone can update their website when they need to with little to no coding knowledge. We also want our clients to be secure. So, we observe as many security measures as possible when installing and creating a new website. Finally, we want our clients to be found. So we observe Search Engine Optimization (SEO) standards and good practices, and use a wide range of tools to analyze a website’s search engine viability. Learn more about the history of Dvorak Designs and the designer behind it.

We even offer a designer assistance service and guest posting opportunities on our blog. As a fellow designer, we know that you sometimes need help getting a project done. We want to help you take care of whatever it is you need help with. Whether it’s something small like cleaning up your CSS file, or something as big migrating a website to a content management system, you can count on our expertise to get the job done right. Our guest posting opportunities with our blog allow other designers to get exposure for their business in a mutually beneficial atmosphere. We offer multitudes of tools on our blog to help our readers share and comment on your article. Which drives more traffic to your article and allows more people to see your name and visit your website.

Still not convinced? Here is a quick overview of our services.

Modx, WordPress Website Development

Modx & WordPress Website Development

  • Built on Modx or WordPress, both easy to use content management systems, so you can update your own website.
  • Help/Documentation provided for updating the website using the content management system.
  • Coded to be quick, efficient and secure, using the latest design standards and security recommendations for the system.
  • All pages and content are search engine optimized, to help you appear higher in search results.
  • Server configured to help facilitate faster load times and better security.

Learn more about our website development service.

WordPress Blog Development

Wordpress Blog Development

  • Built on the popular, and easy-to-use WordPress Publishing Platform.
  • Help/Documentation provided for using WordPress and updating your website and posts.
  • Coded to be quick, efficient and secure, using the latest design standards and security recommendation for WordPress
  • All pages and content are search engine optimized, to help you appear higher in search results.
  • All static content is optimized for SEO. Blog posts are optimized using an automated plugin. Ensuring every new post you make is immediately optimized without any extra work from you.
  • Other plugins may be installed for added functionality and ease of use, or at your request.

Learn more about our blog development service.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

  • Optimization of link and page structure.
  • Ensure proper use of header tags, meta tags, title tags, and alt attributes.
  • Website and hosting server optimized to facilitate faster load times.
  • Set of general backlinks from reputable, legitimate sources.
  • Robots.txt and Sitemap.xml file generated to help search engine crawlers
  • Recommendations given on website expansions that may help drive more traffic to the website

Learn more about our search engine optimization service.

Designer Help and Assistance

Designer Assistance

  • Focused on helping designers and developers finish their projects on time.
  • Install and setup content management systems, such as WordPress, Modx, or Simple Machine Forums (SMF).
  • Migrate websites to a new platform (i.e from no content management system to a content management system)
  • Organization and optimization of coding, and optimization of hosting servers to help load times.
  • Cross-browser fixes and testing.
  • Plugin and addon installation for content management systems.

Learn more about our designer assistance service.

Guest Posting Opportunities

  • Your post will appear in relevant categories with relevant tags on our blog.
  • It will also appear in the Related Post section of posts that it shares common keywords with, giving it the opportunity for exposure in the future.
  • Short About the Author section at the bottom of your post, with links to your website and Twitter page.
  • Readers of your article are given the best tools possible to comment on and share your article with their friends through social networking websites.
  • Your article will appear on the Dvorak Designs Facebook and Twitter page.

Learn more about our guest posting opportunities.

The Dvorak Designs Blog

In addition to our services, we also maintain a web design & development focused blog. This allows us to share our ideas with other designers and non-designers alike. We can then get immediate feedback about them, as well as promote a discussion that can lead to an even better solution to a problem we had no idea existed. It also goes hand-in-hand with our guest posting opportunities. Our community can help other designers get their ideas out there, and collect feedback.

Below are come of our recent blog articles that you may be interested in.