3 jQuery Plugins I Found That I Can’t Live Without


While continuing work on my new website, I’ve needed to find several different jQuery-based plugins for a variety of features. As you can imagine, there is nearly an endless amount of jQuery things out there, and finding the right one can be time consuming. I did, however, find three plugins I think are great all around. JQuery is something that’s new to me still, so I tend to gravitate towards the more simple plugins. So my hope is you will find these plugins as easy to use and setup as I did.

1. EasySlider – jQuery Image Scroller

What I like about this plugin is it works out of the box and comes with all of the default information you could need. Like placeholder images, previous/next buttons, and even some pre-configured settings from the author. This makes it significantly easier for someone like me to see how things are working together. If you want to customize it with your own settings, that’s quite easy too. The author provides a lot of information on how to change the various aspects of the plugin across the three different version pages (Version 1.0, Version 1.5, and Version 1.7). It seems most of the information applies to all of the versions, but I recommend downloading version 1.7, as it appears to be the most recent one.

2. idTabs – jQuery Tabs

The search for this plugin started when I noticed a neat, tab-based sidebar on another blog. There are a lot of options out there for something like this, but this one was the simplest one I could find. The coding and the way it works is pretty straightforward, and there is a lot of customization you can do with CSS. Which is also very easy.

3. jScrollPane – jQuery Scrollbar Customization

Scrollbar customization is something I’ve tried on and off, with none of the previous solutions working how I wanted. So I was quite happy when I found this plugin. I use it to customize the look of scrollbars on divs (not the main scrollbar of the browser, which I’m not sure this particular plugin is capable of). The plugin page has a lot of information, which can seem overwhelming. If you take the time to read through it, this plugin is fairly easy to implement and customize. You can pretty much make the scrollbar look any way you want.

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