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As you’ve probably noticed, there has been a lack of updates on my blog during this last month. It’s partly due to the holiday season, and being busy with other projects. Though it’s mostly because I’ve been working on learning new web design techniques and getting into new habits with handling projects.

By learning new web design techniques, what I really mean is I had an “ah-ha” moment while working on one of my current projects. Since starting this business I’ve struggled a lot with where I want to go with it, and what I wanted to do with my designs. Now I have a pretty good idea and a pretty solid goal as I continue to work my way through the project. It may have taken awhile to come to the conclusion that I did, but I think it’s better late than never in this situation.

So I ask that you bear with me while I make the transition. It will be happening after the new year, and I think it’s going to make my services and my blog even more useful for everyone.

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Preston Dvorak

I've been working on website design and development since I was 12, and professionally for two years now. I continually work on learning the newest techniques and standards for web development, and enjoy the challenges that each website brings. This blog is my way of giving back to the community while sharing my ideas and knowledge that I pick up along the way. I hope to continue to improve on the articles I write and the topics I cover. Thank you for reading!

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