Get your site on Google and other search engines

Category Search Engine Optimization (SEO) | Published February 12, 2016
One daunting task after redesigning your site, or even launching a new site, is getting all your pages back on search engines while removing the old pages and maintaining any inbound links they had. It sounds like a lot to do, but it's really not all that hard when you get down to it. This quick guide should get you on the right track!

Warcraft: Attach WeakAuras to the mouse cursor

Category Gaming | Published December 26, 2015
At one point, I found myself wanting to attach certain pieces of information to my cursor on World of Warcraft. Such as some small icons to show my current Balance Power state on my Druid. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any addons to accomplished that. I did come across CursorCastbar, but that really only does what the name says. So, I did a bit of digging and by a stroke of luck I found some code that will work in WeakAuras by utilizing the custom Animation option.

WordPress Permalinks: Add /blog/ before blog posts & related page URLs

Category WordPress | Published November 25, 2015
One of the things I did with my previous website, and something I see a lot of people wanting to do when they use WordPress as a full Content Management System, is to add /blog/ into the URLs of their blog posts and other related pages. While keeping Wordpress in the root of their server, and keeping their static pages from having the blog prefix.

Really it's not that hard. But, if you're picky like me, you not only want your blog posts to have the URL prefix, but also your category, tag, archive and author pages as well; pretty much anything related to the blog portion of your website. This proved to be a little more difficult to figure out, though I eventually did thanks to help from people over at WordPress StackExchange.

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